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Welcome to Coast to Coast, a joint travel partnership among Dartmouth College, Northwestern University, Princeton University, University of California-Berkeley, and Vanderbilt University. Because each of our institutions practices holistic admissions within a highly selective environment, we have partnered to offer insight into the seemingly complex admissions process. We hope you will join us in the city that is most convenient for you.

The Coast to Coast College Tour will travel again in spring 2018. See our upcoming cities in the list below and watch this page for date and registration details.

Questions? Contact us at questions@coasttocoasttour.org

Spring 2018 Tour DestinationsDateVenue
Cleveland, OHSunday, May 20TBD
Detroit, MIMonday, May 21TBD
Milwaukee, WITuesday, May 22TBD
Minneapolis, MNWednesday, May 23TBD
Omaha, NEThursday, May 24TBD
Miami, FLSunday, May 20TBD
Jacksonville, FLMonday, May 21TBD
Atlanta, GATuesday, May 22TBD
Savannah, GAWednesday, May 23TBD
Raleigh/Durham, NCThursday, May 24TBD
Washington, DCSunday, June 3TBD
Philadelphia, PAMonday, June 4TBD
Westchester, NYTuesday, June 5TBD
Hartford, CTWednesday, June 6TBD
Boston, MAThursday, June 7TBD